In FIFA 23, fans will get to see various new features, and one of them includes switching off Critical Commentary. While the commentary from experts like Derek Ray and Stewart Robson can be entertaining, several players do not like this feature as it distracts them from the actual gameplay. Similarly, the commentators can sometimes be harsh with their remarks, especially if you miss an easy goal, or pass the ball in the wrong direction. There are several features to change Commentary Volume, Stadium Ambience, and even the sideline commentator. Here’s how to turn off critical commentary in FIFA 23. 

How to switch off Critical Commentary in FIFA 23

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To switch off the Critical Commentary feature head over to the Game Settings. Navigate to the Audio tab, and scroll down to the Commentary section. Select the Yes option in Disable Critical Commentary toggle slot. This will switch off most of the critical analysis coming from the commentators which often distracts players. You can toggle this feature on especially before competitive matches in Ultimate Team. Besides the Disable Critical Commentary option, players will see various choices like Commentary Language, Sideline Commentator, Commentary Volume, and Stadium Ambience Volume.

While the commentary in FIFA 23 represents the perfect atmosphere from a real-life football pitch, disabling this feature makes it easier for players. Disabling Critical Commentary only removes the critical lines spoken by the commentators. This means that you can still hear the encouraging parts, player insights, gameplay shifts, and other bits of the commentary. Critical Commentary effectively focuses on a player’s mistakes. In FIFA 23 switching this feature off means that you won’t have to listen to the harsh remarks after mistiming a pass, missing a penalty, or even shooting off target at an open goal.

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