Bounties can be an excellent source of both street rep and money in the hit game Cyberpunk 2077; however, it’s not precisely clear who or where you need to turn them in to get the reward. Luckily in this guide, I’m going to explain how to turn bounties in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to turn in bounties and get the reward

In short, it’s straightforward to turn in bounties in Cyberpunk 2077; all you need to do is to kill or knock out the bounty target and then leave the combat area completely to get the reward. Some missions will require you to knock the target out, so be sure to check objectives before killing them. Now for normal bounties on various enemies, it’s the same case as missions; all you need to do is take them down, and you should get the reward right after. 

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That said, if you are having trouble completing bounty missions, we have a few tips below that can help you gain an advantage and win the day.

  • First, start by scouting the area for threats and to get a lay of the land before heading in. You will also want to check the map for the mission’s difficulty rating beforehand, so you don’t wind up doing a bounty mission too difficult for your level.
  • Locate all enemies and tag them if you plan on taking them out silently. If not, just focus on them and work your way to the primary target.
  • Use cover and the environment to your advantage; hack to distract enemies so you can silently take them out.
  • Use grenades when enemies bunch up together, and try to get headshots for extra damage; watch out for civilians if they are any, as you will get a bounty on yourself if you accidentally harm them.
  • After clearing all enemies, take a moment to loot the area; you can use the hacking key to highlight any items nearby. Also, be sure to hack any access points so you can gain some rare materials; these locations will usually be marked with a red circle on the map. 

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