The Warden of Konda is a Random Event that can trigger while exploring Inazuma. It can be completed ten times a day for Companionship EXP, Mora, and Enhancement Ores. But keep in mind that the daily counter involves all the Random Events that you do across Teyvat.

Start by heading to the exact point in Konda Village circled in the image below. The Random Event should automatically trigger. If it doesn’t, consider relogging and walking around the vicinity.

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Triggering the Warden of Konda will prompt Paimon to point out that some Pigeons are destroying the crops near the Village Chief’s house. Your goal is to scare them away, which you can do in two ways. One is to approach the Pigeons until they fly away. It’s quick but won’t merit you any Fowl, which is an ingredient that can make the HP recovery dish, Sweet Madame.

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The second method is to climb the nearby house and shoot at the Pigeons to obtain Fowls. The Pigeons will be scared away even if you miss. To ensure that you get those Fowls, you need to score a direct hit or use an AoE Charged Attack to get rid of all the Pigeons (such as Ganyu’s and Kujou Sara’s).

If you want to do this Random Event again, simply relog and walk around the marked-up area to trigger the Event.

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