One of the Winterfest ’21 quests assigned by Sgt. Winter this year is to travel 200 feet while you have icy feet. This is a simple quest, but there are no clear instructions on how to get icy feet, so many players aren’t sure how to complete this quest.

How to Get Icy Feet

The easiest way to complete this quest is to look for a Chiller grenade. These grenades are of Common rarity (similar to normal grenades), so it won’t take long to find them in a match. They look like little Snowman heads, complete with a coal smile and a carrot nose.

When you find one, simply throw the Chiller grenade straight down at your feet. The blast will freeze your feet so there are two large blocks of ice around them. Then, all you need to do is move forward! The icy feet only a few seconds, and you lose them if you submerge them in water.

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Generally, a single Chiller grenade is not enough to travel all 200 feet required in one run. However, you’ll usually get three Chiller grenades when you pick one up from the ground, which is more than enough to complete the quest. The best thing to do is to get the grenade, go to a high place, then throw one behind you to propel yourself down the hill. This will help you accumulate distance much faster than if you were running on level ground.

That’s all there is to know about how to travel with icy feet!

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