It can be hard to get the exact pet, egg, toy, or other items that you want in Roblox Adopt Me. This may be because a seasonal event has passed, it has a high rarity, or even that you are having trouble acquiring it for general reasons. Whatever your reasons may be, it can be frustrating to not be able to get the pet or toy that you want. Thankfully, that’s where trading comes in.


If you want to find a centralized place to find pets you are looking to trade or get rid of, Traderie is a great source. You can sign up for an account on this site and link your Roblox account. This creates a safe and more assured place to find trades and make offers. You’ll still complete the trade in-game, but this makes trading easier and can help you avoid scams. You can even leave reviews for people you trade with!

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You can create an account, which will allow you to make offers, post listings, and message those you’re selling/buying with. There are more than just pets for trade, such as eggs and vehicles.

How to Trade In-Game

To trade in-game, you need to agree on where to meet the player you are trading with. Once you see them, you can click on the trade option when you interact with them. Depending on who sends the offer, either you or the other play will accept or decline the trade that is offered.

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