If you’ve been looking for a way to get a legendary pet in Pet Simulator X, but don’t have the time to go through the long processes, trading might be right for you. But how do you trade? Luckily, it’s very easy. Read our article to find out how.

What is Trading?

Trading is a method for getting in pets in Pet Simulator X. When you’re having trouble accessing a certain pet or you need to get rid of some of your pets in the game for diamonds/gold, trading is very useful. You can trade with any player in the game, as long as they are currently on the same server and they accept your trade request. The player will sometimes deny your offer and counter with their own.

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How to Trade

Luckily, trading is very simple in the game! Launch the game and look for the pet icon on the bottom of the screen once you’re in the game. Click the icon and then the double arrows that indicate trading. You’ll see a menu with the lists of all the other players on the same server as you. Send to whoever you want to trade with and input your offer, then wait to hear back. Then, you’ve done a trade successfully!

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