As gaming moves forever on into the future, there are small quality of life improvements. Some of these are more practical like autosaving. Others, like in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, are more subtle. Autorun allows players to move their characters almost telepathically, or at least with very little effort. So, how exactly does it work?

Can you autorun in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

To turn on the autorun feature, press in the left stick while running. This will have the characters run in the direction you’re facing automatically without needing to push the left stick forward. You can have the characters turn slightly to adjust direction, but note that sharp turns will stop autorun.

Auto-walk can also be enabled in a similar fashion. Simply push the left stick forward slightly instead of pushing it fully.

To turn off autorun, move in the opposite direction of where you’re headed. You can also press the left stick to terminate autorun.

While autorun won’t automatically move you from specific destination to destination, it will save your thumb and joystick a little wear and tear. For even more time-saving methods, make sure to check out our guide on fast travel!

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