As a part of the Week 6 challenges, you will have to throw a Cabbage over a distance of 100 meters of more in Fortnite. This challenge can be broken down into two parts. The first part involves finding a cabbage, and the second part of the challenge involves finding a spot to toss the cabbage from.

Where to find a cabbage in Fortnite

Cabbages in Fortnite are usually found inside produce boxes. These produce boxes can be found all over the place. However, there is no guarantee that you will find a cabbage in every produce box. If you’re having a hard time finding cabbages, make your way to Happy Camper or Chateau Bob. You should find cabbages here. That said, here’s a map showing the approximate locations of all produce boxes and cabbages in Fortnite.

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Once you’ve picked up a cabbage, make your way to any open spot and start building a ramp as high as you can. Climb the ramp and then point to the ground and mark a spot. The default key-bind for marking spots is the middle mouse button on PC or the left D-pad on consoles. This mark should tell you how high you are.

If you’re at a height of 100 meters and above, equip the cabbage and just toss it using the alternate fire button on your device. If you’re not at a height of 100 meters, just continue building. However, do keep in mind, if others shoot even one ramp, then your entire structure will come crashing down. So it’s best if you have a teammate looking out for you while you’re attempting this challenge.

Alternatively, if you’re attempting to complete this challenge in the No-Build mode, just climb on top of one of the Blimps on the map and toss the cabbage into the sky from the Blimp. Good luck, looper!

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