Engineers are the only ones who can use rope in Hidden Deep, but the mechanics are similar to ladders. When the engineer is a playable soldier, the player can find ropes as they move around the maps.

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Just like a ladder, players can climb up ropes with W and S. Using ropes allows characters to reach higher areas or descend to lower areas safely. Scouts don’t need to use it. Engineers can use it to get to higher or lower ground since they lack a Grappling Hook.

A rope cannot be climbed or descended while carrying a gun, just like a ladder. When a player tries to aim away from the engineer or soldier, they will continue to stare in the direction they’re climbing.

If you’re going to use ropes, treat them the same way you’d treat a ladder. Sure they’re convenient, but only descend when it’s safe. Worms and bats can still get to the player while descending and ascending from ropes. The player will die if they jump off a rope too early or use it while being attacked.

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