Metroid Dread is a Metroidvania comprised of multiple different areas, each with its theme and treasure. Typically, one collects abilities and upgrades to traverse these areas, but the need to backtrack comes, which can become tiring. Fortunately, Metroid Dread has a teleportation system.

To teleport in Metroid Dread, you first need to find and activate the teleporters. There are many teleports in the game, and they are all color-coded. To use a teleporter, you simply need to walk up to it and wait a few seconds like any other device.

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Once you have found and activated a teleporter, it will link to the teleporter of the corresponding color. You do not need to find the second teleporter of that color and activate it. These teleporters are scattered throughout the different areas of Metroid Dread and allow for fast traveling.

You can identify teleporters on the map by their color and diamond-shaped design. The diamond is a triangle with a dot in the center and two decorative designs on either side. When on the Global Map, you can see the location of teleporters and their colors even if you haven’t activated them yet. This lets you know where they will take you.

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