As a leisurely paced game, many players of Kitaria Fables can get impatient when traveling from location to location to complete the quests they accept. One particular quest in the beginning has you traveling from city to village, then back again, presenting a cumbersome task of running through hordes of enemies along the way. However, there is a quicker method that not everyone is aware of: the ability to teleport between points of interest.

After playing the game, you might notice that the tutorial doesn’t mention the Teleport points that are placed in some areas. They do exist, though, and you can see an example of what they look like in the image below.

How to teleport in Kitaria Fables

When you approach the stone, you will see a prompt to press a button (e.g., on PC it’s the E key shown above). Press the but it shows you to pull up the menu of the locations to which you can teleport. Select the location you’d like to travel to and then confirm it to teleport.

There are two important things to note about teleporting:

  • Unlocking: You only unlock a location to teleport to once you have activated the teleport stone in that location by interacting with it.
  • Location: The teleport stones don’t take you from stone to stone, but to an area near the stone. For example, teleporting to Paw Village will take you to a platform right next to the teleport stone, but teleporting to West Paw Field will take you to a point outside a cave, whereas the teleport stone is actually deep inside the cave.

That’s all there is to teleporting in Kitaria Fables! This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent travelling for some of your quests. We’re looking at you, Hazel and Ms. Apple!

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