When you start Rune Factory 4 Special, you will be shown that you can keep monsters in a barn. Monsters are helpful creatures that can make your life much easier by helping around the farm. If you want to use them, though, then you will need to learn to tame them.

How do I tame monster in Rune Factory 4 Special?

Taming monsters can be a bit complex, and you should be prepared to lose a bit of health in the process. Monsters, once caught, can help you with a variety of farm activities like watering plants, and some monsters provide resources like wool. They can also be ridden if applicable, taken into battle, and will gain 50% of the experience you receive when defeating other monsters.

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Here is what you need to know about the taming process:

  • Monsters can be tamed by brushing them with a brush.
  • They are also tamed by presenting them with gifts.
  • The best gifts are the ones that usually drop from their species when defeated.
  • You can use love spells and weapons to make them easier to tame.

If a speech bubble doesn’t pop up above the monster’s head when you are interacting with them, then they can’t be tamed. Keep in mind that monsters will continue to attack you during the taming process, and party members will attack them.

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