One of the best parts about Rune Factory 4 Special is being able to tame bosses. Bosses are some of the best party members you can have, but the taming process is hard. If you want a boss for a companion, then you will need to put in a lot of work.

How do I tame bosses in Rune Factory 4 Special?

Taming works mostly the same for bosses. You can tame them with brushing and by giving them their preferred items. Remember that you can only tame bosses after you have already defeated them.

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Here are the items you need to tame each boss:

Boss NameFavorite Gift
AmbrosiaKing Pink Cat, Ultra Moondrop Flower,
Ultra Toyherb, Blue Great Charm
ThunderboltRoyal Carrot
MarionettaCheesecake, Apple Pie,
Cake, Chocolate Cake
Dead TreeFormula C, Greenifier +
ChimeraUltimate Curry, Royal Curry
SarcophagusMixed Smoothie, Mixed Juice, Gold Juice
TerracloneTurnip Heaven
FiergaengerGold Juice
AquameleonUnion Stew
GrimoireGiant Golden Vegetables
Bane DragonRockfish Stew
OctopirateAny Grilled Snapper
Crystal MammothKing Pineapple
Hinoe and KinotoAny Large Grilled Snapper, Salted Char
SirenGreat 4-leaf Clover
Death WallIce Cream
G GolemOrichalcum
OliveBig WhiteCrystal
EmeraldBig Green Crystal
RougeBig Red Crystal
MarinBig Blue Crystal
TerrableTurnip Heaven

Taming isn’t guaranteed, so you may have to fight a boss multiple times to tame it.

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