The Pizza Party box was one item added to Fortnite in the 19.10 update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. As an entirely new item, most players don’t know how to use the Pizza Party box when they find it. Because of this, many of us might be confused about the Week 8 quest for Chapter 3 that requires us to take Pizza Slices from a Pizza Party item.

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Note: This quest is not yet in the game. It will probably be available at the beginning of February 2022. Additionally, the Pizza Party item is only available in Creative.

The Pizza Party item can be picked up like any other object in the game. It can be thrown like any other throwable item, such as Mini-shields and Bandages. When it is on the ground, you and your teammates can approach it, where you’ll be prompted to either take a slice or eat a slice. Each slice grants you 25 Shield and 25 Health, but a slice of pizza can not push you past 50 Shield, similar to the Mini-shields.

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To eat a slice straight out of the box, press the primary interaction button on your device. To take a slice and put it in your inventory, press the button to toggle between your harvesting tool and your weapons. The following controls are the buttons you need to press for all devices.

  • Eat a slice of pizza (out of the box)
    • Keyboard: E
    • Xbox: X
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Switch: Y
  • Take a slice of pizza
    • Keyboard: F
    • Xbox: Y
    • PlayStation: Triangle
    • Switch: X

That’s everything you need to know about how to take pizza slices from a Pizza Party Item!

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