One of the most recognized features in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the gang warfare, wherein you must take over and protect territories for your gang. While this doesn’t have a direct impact on the story, it can make the game more difficult if you must frequently fight off rival gangs while exploring the world. 

How to Take over Territories

If you want to avoid being shot at while you explore a territory, you can get it under your gang’s control. To do this, you must fight for it by instigating and completing a Gang War. You can start a Gang War in any territory by killing three rival gang members in a short span of time. In areas less populated with gang members (which are seen as lighter shades of the gang’s color on the map), you might have to wait until there are gang members close enough together to start the war.

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Once you have started a gang war, you must complete it by fighting through three increasingly difficult waves of rival gang members. The first wave will have light weapons, mostly bats and other melee weapons. The second wave will have more ranged weapons and increased numbers. Last, the third wave will have the most gang members and they will use stronger, mid-to-long-range weapons.

If you are struggling to get through all the waves, you can try to recruit gang members beforehand to serve as distractions during the fight. They don’t have great aim, but gang members are the best way to take some of the gunfire off of you so you can focus on shooting.

Once you have completed the third wave, the territory will change to green on the map, and you’ll no longer have characters trying to chase you out of the area!

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