Sword-skating is a useful trick in Destiny 2 to obtain a great amount of mobility, thus an edge over other players in the game. It is a trick that is not easily pulled off, and that requires very specific equipment to do, but once mastered is an indispensable tool in a player’s arsenal.

In order to sword-skate in Destiny 2 players will need the Half-Truths sword obtained from the Bungie 30th Anniversary Celebration event and the Eager Edge trait. This is the only combination that currently works.

Eager Edge allows players to lunge a greater distance when switching weapons, and combined with the Half-Truths sword players need to:

  • Switch to the Half-Truths sword
  • Quickly jump and light attack
  • Quickly switch back to a different weapon

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When the above is performed correctly, players will lunge forward and then continue to glide across the battlefield. Be warned, it is a bit hard to control movement during the glide, but player movement will be much faster while sword-skating.

While this trick currently works in-game, there is no telling if Bungie will correct the issue in a future patch. Until then, enjoy the boosted movement!

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