Splatoon 3’s tutorial gives you a Splattershot Jr. to get adjusted to the controls, but there are plenty of other weapon options in the game. Once you’ve finished creating your character, giving your bird a fresh ‘do, and playing through that tutorial, you’ll be transported to the streets of Splatsville, city of chaos. Read on to find out how to switch up your weapons once you get there.

How to change between weapons in Splatoon 3

Once you’ve landed on the streets of Splatsville, you’ll see in the bottom right corner of the screen two options: X for Menu and + for Equip. Press + to go to the equipment screen. Follow your yellow pointer squid and use the A button to to access the weapon menu. Then, choose from the
Splattershot Jr. or 25 other unique weapons.

How to purchase weapons in Splatoon 3

New weapons aren’t free. Once you’ve leveled up your character to level 2 by playing in regular battles and earned some cash, you’ll be able to visit with Sheldon at Ammo Knights. You can purchase new weapons from him. Travel on foot to his shop, or use X for menu, then select Weapons on the Map tab.

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