Axiom Verge 2 is a Metroidvania game already released for the Switch, PlayStation, and PC, and slated to be released for the Xbox. When players first begin the game, they find that there isn’t an extensive tutorial, and many of us are confused about how to switch between tools once we pick up more equipment. In the guide below, we explain how to do this.

Switching Between Tools

This is usually the thing that players need to switch most often. When you pick up new equipment and tools, it tells you what the tool does and what to press to operate it, but never tells you how to put it in your active inventory slot. Luckily, this is not a complicated process. To switch to a new tool after you have picked it up, simply hold down the Switch Item button. The following list shows you which button to press to switch tools depending on your platform.

  • PC: R
  • Xbox: RB
  • PlayStation: R1
  • Switch: Menu R

Once you’re holding down the button, press the arrow keys (or analog stick) to choose between which tool you’d like to use.

Switching Weapons

Switching weapons is a bit more complicated than switching tools. Still, there aren’t that many weapons available in the game, so it’s not necessary to switch them often. The first thing you need to do is enter the Inventory screen.

The inventory screen in Axiom Verge 2

Once you’re in the inventory screen, you will see your weapons on the top left. In the image above, there are many weapons to choose from. We have selected the dagger. When you have your cursor over the weapon you’d like to use, look at the bottom left of the menu to see what button you have to press to equip it.

Press the button it tells you to press, and your cursor will move over to the top right of the screen that shows all you what hotkey all your abilities are attached to. Move your cursor over the button you’d like to attach that weapon to and press the same button you used to select it (in the image above, it’s the Spacebar).

After you’ve done that, your weapon is equipped! One thing to note is that you can equip any ability or weapon to these slots. If you want to have four weapons available, you can do that! Pick your favorite weapons and and control scheme and be on your way!

If you think you’ll need help to figure out the game, be sure to check out our Axiom Verge 2 homepage for the latest information!

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