Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous features two combat modes in the game, real-time and turn-based mode. Real-time is the standard combat mode of the game, and without changing anything, the game will, as default, be set to Real-time combat. 

This means that any combat in the game will act out in real-time with pause. All characters and monsters will move instantly and attack so, and you can pause the game to strategize, plan everything out. 

But as soon as you hit that unpause button, chaos will ensue, and combat will resume. If you don’t want to play on real-time combat, players have the option to swap from either mode in the game, and it’s actually quite simple.

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In short, if you visit game options by either hitting ESC or going to the main menu and hitting settings, you can find an option to switch turn-based mode on and off. 

In the game settings tab, scroll all the way down until you find a section called turn-based mode, and check the option that says enable turn base mode.

Doing so will change the game from real-time with pause to turn-based mode. You can also swap anytime from turn-based mode to real-time vise versa via a little option in the game. 

The button shown in the image above that is marked by a red box can be used to turn turn-based mode on and off. So if you ever want to switch but don’t want to quit the game, use this option. 

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