Hidden Deep is a sci-fi action horror game in which the player must explore an underground oceanic facility to discover what happened to a now missing science team. As they progress through the caverns, the player will encounter numerous monsters. So naturally, this makes knowing how to pull out your gun or switch guns very important.

There are a couple of ways to switch guns in Hidden Deep. Your options will depend on how many guns you have or if you have another piece of equipment in your hands. Here is how to switch guns in Hidden Deep.

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  • Press 3 and select which gun you want to use.
  • Scroll on your mouse wheel.
  • Right-click to draw or put away your gun.

Knowing how to switch guns and which gun to use in a situation is critical to staying alive. When facing multiple monsters, the last thing you want is running out of ammo and not knowing how to switch guns. So it might be worth practicing switching guns and getting the hang of it before your life depends on it.

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