In Hidden Deep, players are only shown how to do anything once. As a result, after Murphy (the first soldier) finds Hannigan, it’s easy to forget how to switch back.

Hold Left Shift and press 1, 2, or the number assigned to the soldier at the bottom right to switch between soldiers. Using the numbers on the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard (without pressing shift) is the second way to switch soldiers.

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The best way to control soldiers is to scout the area, and the others follow once the area is clear. You never know what monster traps, deadly bat-looking monsters, or killer worms are ahead. Aiming with one soldier is challenging enough on its own, but handling two soldiers simultaneously would be too much.

The crawling and navigating are slow as players discover immediately after finding Hannigan. Once the first switch is made, they climb down via a rope after a narrow pass.

Even so, having two soldiers removes the eerie feeling of always being alone. Somehow, one person feels like an explorer while two or more people feel like a squad. The extra ammo is also an added benefit, so ensure the one in front is stocked up.

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