Tower of Fantasy features a vast world with a sci-fi fantasy aesthetic. These combine to create a unique world full of thrilling sights and exciting gear. One type of gear you will receive many of is Relics. With so many Relics to use and only two slots, you may be wondering how to switch between Relics quickly.

To quickly switch between Relics in Tower of Fantasy, you can create multiple presets of two Relics. This lets you quickly swap between your Relics with a simple press of a key. But to do this and change Relics quickly, you will first need to create presets for your Relics in Tower of Fantasy.

How to create Relic presets in Tower of Fantasy

To create a Relic preset, open your menu and go to the Relics tab. Select the Deploy menu and find + next to the Set icon. Click on this to create a new Relic preset. Once you do this, you are free to swap between your Relic presets at any time.

How to switch Relic presets in Tower of Fantasy

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

On the bottom right of your screen, you will see where your Relics are. There is an arrow to the left of them—press this arrow. On PC, hold Alt and press the arrow or simply use the G key. This will quickly swap between your Relic presets and let you change between your Relics.

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