Discord is a well-known name in the gaming community. Many use it to communicate with their friends while playing online games. But sometimes, multiple gamers in one household may be using the same device. This may leave you wondering if you can switch accounts in Discord.

Can you switch accounts in Discord?

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The answer is yes—you can switch accounts in Discord, but this only works on PC. To switch Discord accounts, simply click on your profile image in the bottom left of the app. Once you do this, simply click on Switch Accounts, select the account you want to switch to and log in to it.

How to add multiple accounts on Discord

To add another account on Discord, open the app on PC. Click on your profile image in the bottom left screen and select Switch Accounts. You will see an option to Manage Accounts—click this, and you can add a new account by creating one with a phone number/email and password.

This feature is only available on PC, so make sure you do it on your computer. If you attempt to do this on mobile, you will not be able to switch accounts in Discord.

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