The latest Fortnite update has brought forth the Resistance: Week 7 Quests to the game, along with the Star Wars May the 4th Quests. The Resistance: Week 7 Quests are divided into various stages, and one of them requires players to swap IO artillery minions with dummy shells in Fortnite. To start this stage of the Quest, players will first need to establish a device uplink near Coney Crossroads or Greasy Grove.

Players will need to establish a device uplink at any of the three locations in Coney Crossroads, or Greasy Grove POI. Follow the white circles on the map images above to land at these communicators quickly. Once you complete this stage, the challenge to swap IO artillery munitions with dummy shells will get unlocked.

How to complete quest ‘Swap IO artillery munitions with dummy shells’ Quest in Fortnite

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

There are five locations where players can visit to swap artillery munitions, you will only have to visit two to complete this challenge. Follow the yellow circles on the map image above to see the exact locations for swapping IO artillery munitions.

Since there are three locations close to Tilted Towers, we recommend players land at the Coney Crossroads to complete both stages of the Quest quickly. This area is currently a hot-drop spot, and you will need to find weapons first before starting with the challenges. Eliminate opponents landing here, or wait till they pass to quickly complete both stages of this Resistance: Week 7 Quest.

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