Poor Ethan Winters can never catch a break. If that wasn’t apparent in Resident Evil 7 then you will understand within the first hour of Resident Evil Village. As you gain more control over Ethan in East Old Town a band of lycans will swarm the area, forcing you to think quick on your feet. Literally.

Most likely you’ll notice watchful lycans staring at you from a house. Since they were suspicious and frightening, we shot one of them which kickstarted the attack. We’re unsure of what would happen if you approached the house closer without antagonizing the lycans on the roof.

Assuming you are trigger-happy like us, find a path into that same house. Inside you will find the M1897, aka a shotgun, on the center table. If you need a quick exit, there is a hole with a ladder in the neighboring room. Remember, you can board up doors if you need a quick reprieve. This should allow you to collect Herbs and additional crafting items.

Your objective is to run and survive as long as possible during the lycan attack. This sequence is designed to stress you out and at no point should you stand still outdoors. To Ethan’s good fortune, East Old Town is filled with twists and turns so if at any point you’re unsure of where to go, just keep running and turning corners.

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Eventually a Big Daddy Lycan will crash the party, giant hammer in hand. Do your best to avoid being crushed to jelly. The giant lycan is slow to wind his attack, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble running around him.

You should do your best to conserve ammo and med kits. You’re not supposed to kill every lycan, there are simply too many and they will just respawn. Only use your ammo if you hit a dead end while attempting to escape. And don’t even try a weapon on the giant lycan, he’s saving you for later.

This whole section appears timed. At some point a cutscene will trigger by either a lycan grabbing Ethan or, in our case, getting struck by an arrow in the leg. Allow the cutscene to play and thank whoever/whatever called the lycans away.

Use this opportunity to explore everything you missed in East Old Town. It would benefit you to pick up as much as possible.

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