In V Rising, the night will eventually turn into day. When that finally happens, it will become deadly for Vampires to travel around. Because of this, you will need to learn how to survive sunlight during the day in V Rising. 

To survive sunlight in V Rising, you will need to stick to the shadows and the shade of objects. For example, trees will cast shade upon the ground. Hiding under the shade of trees will prevent the sunlight from damaging you. Buildings and particular objects can also prevent damage from the sun. Just look for dark shadows on the ground near these objects, and standing under these shadows like trees will protect you.

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However, when you are at your base, there is some special you can do to make your base a safe haven from the dangers of sunlight. In short, if you want to protect yourself and your base from sunlight, you will need a Mist Brazier.

How to build a Mist Brazier in V Rising

A Mist Brazier is a Foundation item that will spread Mist that will block out sunlight during the day when powered by Bones. To build a Mist Brazier, you will first need a Castle Heart placed, some boundaries, and at least 120 Stone.

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After that, just hit the B key and locate the Mist Brazier toward the right of the Foundation tab. Find the Mist Brazier, place it on the ground, throw Bones inside it, and click the toggle button to turn it on. Once the Mist Brazier is on, it will take a few seconds for the Mist to spread. Afterward, your base will become sunlight proof.

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