The nemesis of all rats, Ratsbane, wishes to prove to you his dominance over the meek creatures. You’ll need some very un-ratlike skills to be able to take a punch from him in your Rat form.

Ratsbane can be found in the Round Table Tavern. He won’t even deem you a worthy opponent until you’re a member of the Knights Guild. You can join the Knights Guild after rescuing the guild leader inside the Grand Castle dungeon.

The three steps to avoiding becoming rat soup

Step One: Meet a hammer

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You’ll need to meet Marty Joe the humanoid hammer to unlock the ability to equip skills from different forms to your Rat. You can meet him after you’ve cleared the Grand Castle dungeon.

Head either east or west (it doesn’t matter which) towards either the Ancient Robot or the Witch Queen Catacombs. You’ll meet Marty Joe on your way.

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Step Two: Egg

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You’ll need to unlock the Egg form. You unlock the Egg form by getting the Rat to rank B.

Step Three: Eggs are more sturdy than rats

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Equip your Rat form with the Egg’s passive skill, Hardened Shell. This skill, without being upgraded, will prevent you from taking more than 1/3 of your health in damage from one attack.

With all of that done, go speak to Ratsbane in the Round Table Tavern once more as a Rat. Not even his mighty fist can crack your new shell. It makes perfect sense that an egg could survive something a rat couldn’t. Don’t question it.

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