Mercy is the guardian angel of Overwatch 2, soaring between teammates and dishing out healing to those in need. She is the only character in the game who can bring allies back to life, through her Resurrect ability. Due to her high utility, Mercy has a consistent role in the Support hero meta, as her healing is hard to beat. Here’s how to super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2.

How do you super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2?

What is a super jump, and how do you do it?

mercy ability list with guardian angel ability circled
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A super jump is a maneuver that utilizes Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability to launch her upwards into the sky. To execute this move, focus on a nearby ally until the Guardian Angel prompt appears. Then, activate Guardian Angel, but when you’re nearly touching the ally, press Crouch. Instead of transporting you to the ally, this super jump hoists you into the sky. If you would prefer to launch yourself forward, press Jump instead of Crouch at the last second.

Has Mercy’s super jump changed since Overwatch 1?

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In Overwatch 1, Mercy’s super jump was less of a mechanic and more of a secret maneuver used by devoted Mercy mains. In the first game, her super jump was also harder to execute, and required mechanical precision and timing. However, Overwatch 2 implements Mercy’s super jump as part of her kit, including a description of the maneuver in her ability list. In the second installment, the super jump is also more mechanically forgiving, allowing for greater user error with the same end result.

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