In Roblox, players will come across various horror games, and Evade is one of them. The game revolves around bots designed to destroy players, and you need to run, hide, and evade to survive. Evade features a range of hilarious memes that act as bots, and your objective is to run away from them as quickly as possible. The game has several movement mechanics like crouching, sliding, and jumping, that players need to understand. Similarly, there are certain things you can do like the super jump by effectively combining these movement mechanics with the map design.

How to super jump in Evade Roblox

In Roblox Evade, players can slide and jump simultaneously, which opens the scope for various movement tricks. One of them is the super jump, better known as trimping in Roblox Evade. It is a process where you hit a structure or an object to increase height or speed. Hitting an object at the proper angle allows players to gain momentum rapidly, enough to go flying. Although it sounds straightforward in theory, it can be highly difficult to execute this move properly in-game. We recommend players keep practicing to understand the timing involved behind this move.

Strafing is an essential technique in Evade, and you need to learn this to make quick turns. To strafe properly, hold down on your forward movement key, and move the mouse in a specific direction. Follow up by hold down on the specific directional key to complement the mouse movement. Players can strafe by pressing the directional controls while moving around a slope. Flicking your mouse at the same time gives a massive speed boost which sets the character flying. With enough speed, you can get to a high spot easily by strafing into a slope.

After getting a basic idea about strafing, you can practice it while jumping mid-air. You will also find Speed Pads around the maps, and these can be used to increase momentum. You can also use consumable items like Cola that radically increase maximum speed and momentum. We recommend checking out the super jump tutorial video by @obvol which shows how players can use movement to stay one step ahead of the bots. The video showcases how players can super jump from slopes, objects, and various spots where you can perform them. 

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