While players are waiting for a game to start, they are put in a preparation lobby on Origin Island. During the preparation time, the players can collect grappling hooks to zip around the map and explore the island. It is also a great place to practice movement.

There isn’t much more to do as there are no weapons to loot and players cannot damage one another. There is one other objective the player can do while they wait. This is to collect six Lucky Daruma. They will only spawn while playing the Herald’s Trial game mode.

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These collectible objects are scattered throughout Origin Island. They have set locations that they spawn, so once you have found them you will know where to look. While searching the map, the player can look for the gold light that surrounds them.

Once all six have been collected, a message will appear and a giant Daruma will spawn in the ocean. The players cannot interact with it. Regardless of which players collected the Lucky Daruma, all players in the lobby will receive a loot box that either award Tae or Silk. So it is in every player’s best interest to scour the map for these items.

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