Sea Beast is one of the most sought-after miniboss/NPC in Blox Fruits. It can either be found randomly in the sea or spawned using the Sea Beast tool. Since it’s tough to track down the Sea Beast, almost every player prefers to spawn the legendary creature. To summon a Sea Beast in Blox Fruits, you must obtain the Sea Beast tool by getting a Bounty/Honor points of 10 million.

How to increase your Bounty or Honor in Blox Fruits

Since you can increase either of the points, you must choose a side early on, the Pirates or Marines, and stick to it. Irrespective of any faction you choose, keep killing all the NPC and finish the high XP quests available around you to add Bounty or Honor points to your character on the same server till you reach 10 million. It is quite a grind and will take a lot of effort to get the prescribed numbers.

How to spawn a Seas Beast in Blox Fruits

After acquiring the prescribed Bounty or Honor Points, you will get the Summon Sea Beast ability in your quick time bar inventory. Use the skill with the prescribed keybinding to summon the Sea Beast on a sea-side. Before spawning the Beast, make sure you have a glance at the following point regarding the ritual.

  • Users can spawn up to 3 Sea Beasts at once with a time interval of 18 seconds between each one. 
  • Players can spawn a Sea Beast only on the second and third seas in Blox Fruits.
  • A spawned Sea Beast will not drop any rewards like fragments, unlike a traditional Sea Beast randomly found in the ocean.
  • You can use the Sea Beast to finish any difficult raid events, but the sad part is you will not receive any rewards from the raid.

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