To store the various items, you will need to find and use the war chest in Tribes of Midgard.

You can find the chest in the location shown above in your village – there will also be a chest icon on your minimap you can use to locate the war chest

Once you open the war chest, you will be able to transfer nearly all items in the game by pressing the left mouse button or the x button. Placing these items in the war chest will allow those items to be accessible to all players in your game. 

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Players can then pool these resources to craft armor and weapons, potions, and for building structures to defend the village from the hordes in the game. However, one thing this war chest does not do is save any items you place inside for new worlds. 

In fact, any items placed in the war chest will be gone when you start a new world, so keep that in mind if you were hoping for an item save feature. Apart from skins, starting kits, and golden horns there is no way to save or bring the same set of items into new worlds in the game.

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