Teams with an effective run game can be the most difficult to gameplan against. However, teams that can stop the run game can force the offense into mistakes and short drives. One of the most important aspects of stopping the run game is defensive playcalling. Setting up your players in the right positions even before the ball is snapped is key to stopping the run.

How to call plays to stop the run in Madden 23

The first step to calling the right defensive play is to identify what formation the offense is running. This can be seen in the bottom left corner while calling defensive plays. Take note of how many RBs and TEs the offense has. This will help determine what formation you should run. If there are two RBs and more than one TE, that is usually a run-heavy formation, so you should counter by using a formation that has a lot of linebackers and linemen. Each team has different formations, so you will want to experiment to find your favorite playbook.

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If the formation only has one RB and less than two TEs, but expect the run, the best option is to run your base formation with man coverage or a man blitz. Many teams can counter these offensive run formations with a 3-4 or 4-4 formation, but make sure you know your defensive lineup.

How to stop the run during the play in Madden 23

After the ball is snapped, there are a few things you can do to stop the run effectively. First, you will want to control a player that can affect the run, like a Linebacker, Strong Safety, or Lineman.

Next, take note of the gaps your linemen are in. This is where the defensive linemen line up in front of the offense. You will want to make sure your linebackers can quickly fill the gap and stop the RB from reaching the next level. There are some great training drills in Madden 23 that will help you learn how to read and fill gaps on defense.

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Stopping the run can be a challenge, but as long as you are learning what works and what doesn’t during the game, you can adjust your game plan and be successful. Just remember to take note of the other team’s formation, control a player close to the ball, and fill the correct gaps.

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