In Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3, there are numerous campfires scattered about. In Fortnite, these campfires heal players, making them largely beneficial.

You can light a Campfire in Fortnite by walking up to it and pressing and holding the X, Square, and E keys for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, respectively. The player must repeat the process above to stoke the campfire, but it comes at a cost. The campfire will require 30 wood to stoke, increasing its healing power and making it more ferocious.

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As you can see above, the game warns you that stoking the Campfire will cost you.

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You will definitely be noticed if you start a campfire. Stoking a campfire makes the flame appear brighter, makes noise, and gives it a greener aura. Stoking a campfire is always worthwhile if you are sure that there are no enemies nearby, though. 30 wood isn’t much, and getting healed can make getting a Victory Royale a little easier.

Even if you have enemies nearby, you only need to be close to the campfire to be healed. So if you’re confident in your abilities, try it anyway.

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