The Winter Convergence Festival is New World’s holiday event and the first in-game event. This brings exciting new changes and a first for the popular MMO. With the event going on, you might be wondering how to start the event and participate in all the festive fun.

To start the Winter Convergence Festival event in New World, you must find the Winter Wanderer. This NPC appears as friendly Yeti and will be the quest giver and event shop vendor. You can find the Winter Wanderer at Winter Villages. Check below on where to find Winter Villages.

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Image via Amazon Games & NewWorldMap

The Winter Convergence Festival quests will let you participate in the holiday fun and unlock exclusive armor, weapons, and more. So it is worth visiting the Winter Wanderer and going through the quests. You will want to be at least level 15, but being level 60 is highly recommended to complete all the quests.

With this event, the island of Aeternum has changed and taken on an icy appearance. Some effects of the Winter Convergence Festival will be permanent, but many won’t so get out there get festive!

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