Final Fantasy XIV’s consistent updates are part of the reason the game continues to thrive years after its release. The game adds events for players to regularly participate in to reinvigorate the experience. Final Fantasy XIV’s Maiden’s Rhapsody collaboration event pays homage to Final Fantasy XI and grants players access to new gear, but how can players start it?

Where to start the Maiden’s Rhapsody 2022

To begin Final Fantasy XIV’s Maiden Rhapsody event, head to Limsa Lominsa – Upper Deck, Remumu (X: 11.6, Y: 11.2). Speak to the Harbor Herald to begin the event questline. You can see the map given by Square Enix below:

Image via Square Enix

All Maiden’s Rhapsody 2022 Rewards

Players can earn the following items once they complete the Maiden’s Rhapsody quest.

Amatsu HachiganeHead
Amatsu TogiBody
Amatsu TekkoHands
Amatsu HaidateLegs
Amatsu Sune-ateFeet
Info and Images via Square Enix

Maiden’s Rhapsody 2022 Event Window

Final Fantasy XIV’s Maiden’s Rhapsody runs from Thursday, April 28 at 1am PT to May 18 at 7:59 am PT. Those interested in grabbing these limited-time event items must complete the A Journey to Remember quest before the event ends.

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