One of the most popular factions in the Elder Scrolls series is the Dark Brotherhood. This is a guild of assassins that secretly carry out missions all across the continent of Tamriel. They have also been added into Elder Scrolls Online, but starting the questline can be a bit confusing since it’s unconventional.

The Dark Brotherhood is a DLC addition to the game. You will either need to have ESO Plus or buy the DLC itself to get started. Once you do, you simply need to follow these steps to activate your first quest:

  • Open up the Collections screen.
  • Click the DLC tab on the Collections screen in the top right corner.
  • Select Dark Brotherhood from the list, and click Accept Quest.

Alternatively, if you are already in an Outlaws Refuge, which are scattered all over the game, you can speak with Amelia Crowe, though this is not needed to start the quest. The Anvil Waypoint will be unlocked already, so you can go ahead and travel to the Gold Coast, where the quest takes place. No need to set out on a long adventure.

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