If you’ve been a big fan of Pokemon over the years, then you’ve no doubt been waiting for the second DLC to come out for Sword and Shield. The first one was The Isle of Armor, which put in beaches, forests, caves, and sand dunes. You could catch various new Pokemon, and grab some familiar ones with unique moves. Now it’s time to head to the frosty confines of the mountains, and make your way through snowy forests, frosty lakes, and other lingering cold that you will find.

Starting the DLC

To start the Crown Tundra in Pokemon: Sword and Shield, you will first need to download the DLC and start up the game. You will immediately be greeted with an alert about receiving a Crown Pass. Now, you just need to head over to Wedgehurst and locate the Wedgehurst Station. Talk to the guy next to teh toll door, who is wearing the green and red vest. He will then allow you onto the train and you will take a trip to the Crown Tundra!

You have a Crown Pass!

Show it to the rail staff at Wedgehurst Station if you want to visit the Crown Tundra, a land where many mysteries lurk within. New adventures await there, and the blanketing snow hides Legendary Pokemon of yore!

Once you arrive, your Pokedex will be updated to the Crown Tundra Pokedex. This will allow you to find some new Pokemon that can only be located within the Crown Tundra! Be ready for a bit of a battle straight out of the gate, because you will take on a team of level 70 Pokemon after a cut scene happens as you head out the door. I’m guessing this is a way to check that you are ready to fight your way through the tundra. If your Pokemon aren’t up to snuff, you might need to go do some grinding before tackling this DLC!

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