Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is in full swing with a whole new set of items to collect, triumphs to complete, weapons to try out, and cosmetics to wear. But besides items, a new activity has also become playable during the event. This new activity is called the Haunted Sectors Playlist. But for new players who may be wondering how to start it or where to access it, we have got you covered.

Start Event Questline

To even access the playlist, Guardians have to talk to Eva Levante in the Tower first. Right when you spawn in, she will be directly in front of you by the big tree. She will give you a quest called Gone But Not Forgotten. Complete the first part of this quest by collecting 100 Candy and 3 Spectral Pages. You can do this by completing any activity in the game. (Strike, Crucible match, etc.)

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Start Haunted Sectors

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After completing the first part of the quest, open up the Director menu. On the Destination tab, select the Tower. When the tower map opens, you should see a new blue icon at the top. This is the Haunted Sectors playlist. 

It’s important to note that this new activity drops pinnacle gear by completing its weekly challenge.

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