If you are trying to beat the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge in BitLife, one of the objectives requires you to start a Food Truck business and run it for five years. That said, you can start a Food Truck business if you own Boss mode or the Business Job pack. 

If you already own either one, you can start a Food Truck business by opening the Job/Occupation tab and selecting Special Careers. Under Special Careers, you will want to click the option that says Business and then either Startup or Acquisition. Either option will work, depending on whether you have a lot of money. 

In short, the Acquisition option allows you to purchase an already existing Food Truck business if it appears under the listings. However, the business will most likely cost you several million if it does appear. Because of this, we recommend going for the startup option over Acquire, as a new Food Truck business will only cost you 275k dollars

To start a brand new Food Truck Business, click Startup and find the Food Truck business option. However, you must make at least 275k dollars before you can start a Food Truck Business. Luckily getting that much money is easy if you follow the steps below.

Tips for starting a new business in BitLife

If you want to start any business in BitLife, like a Food Truck company, your first step is making enough money. Luckily, making enough money to start a business is easy if you get a job like a Famous actor, CEO, or Athlete. For the easiest route, we recommend going for an actor job by taking acting lessons when they unlock at age eight. Starting at age eight, practice your acting skills at least four times before aging up. 

Doing so will ensure you fill your acting skill bar before reaching high school. When you reach high school age, you want to join the Drama club and get a part-time job. Getting a part-time job will ensure your character can hire a Talent agent, and joining the Drama club helps your character get more roles.

After finishing high school, start trying to get roles by asking your Talent agent to find one or going for less popular tv shows and movies. Eventually, you should get a role, and when you do, we recommend sticking to it for a few years to make enough money to buy a Food Truck Business

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