If you are wondering how to start one of the many businesses added with the Business update for BitLife, it is simple. In short, to start businesses in BitLife, you need a certain amount of money and the Business Job pack. You can purchase the Business job pack under the Job Pack section of the Main Menu in-game. 

All Job Packs cost 2 dollars, but you can get all Job Packs and future packs for 5 dollars if you purchase the Boss Mode pack. That said, once you own the Business Job pack, you can start your new business by visiting the Special Careers tab under the Job or Occupation tab. Under either job tab, you can find Special Careers towards the bottom of the list of job actions and options, as shown below.

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After clicking Special Careers, you can start businesses by clicking the Business option under Special Careers and choosing the startup option, as shown below. The Startup option allows your character to start a brand new business in various fields in the game. 

However, starting a new business will cost a ton of money that varies from business to business. The cost for starting a business starts at around 200k and increases into the millions depending on the startup. Because of this, we highly recommend getting a highly profitable job before attempting to create a new business. 

How to start a successful business in BitLife

Before starting a new business in bitlife, you need tons of money in your bank account. You can get tons of money early on in BitLife by getting a job as a famous Sports Player, Actor, Musician, or CEO. Once you get a high-paying job, we recommend looking under the startup section of the Business special career and picking a startup you want.

When you find a startup you want to try and start, check the amount of money needed to invest, and then focus on getting that amount from your job. You can speed up getting enough money to start more expensive startups by getting a famous job like an Actor or a Sports player. However, before even considering starting a new business, check the Demand level under the startup, as shown below. 

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As shown above, Demand determines your business’s profitability once you start it. Low Demand indicates low profitability, while High Demand indicates high profitability. Because of this, we highly recommend picking a startup with a decent demand and a relatively reasonable price for your first startup. 

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