New World is a game with a lot of crafting and gathering, so it’s only natural you will have to split up some of your stacks of materials sometimes. Luckily it’s incredibly easy to split stacks in New World.

The easiest way to split a stack is to Right Click an item. On the drop-down menu that appears, you’ll see an option that says “Split.” Click on that to split the item.

Alternatively, there’s a quick mouse shortcut for stack splitting. Just press Control & Left Mouse Button together on whichever item you want to split into a new stack.

Either method will bring up a box that says “Split Stack.” From there, drag the bar or manually type the amount of items you want to split from the stack.

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Once you’ve measured the amount to split, drag the new stack (the one on the right, to a spare spot in your inventory. You can also use this method to discard items, by dragging the new stack to the “Discarded Items” part of the screen. Perfect for discarding some of those useless materials that are weighing you down.

This dropping of materials can also be useful if you’re organizing a very full inventory. The dropped item creates a bag which will be left on the ground next to you. This bag disappears after three minutes, so you have a little time if you’re organizing things. 

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