The Cycle: Frontier is a PvE and PvP space shooter with a strong survival and scavenging aesthetic. When making a run to Fortuna III, you can bring along supplies, but you will lose most of your gear on death. Since you want to save your supplies and gear, you might be wondering if there is a way to split your items and how to do it in The Cycle: Frontier.

Is there a way to split items in The Cycle: Frontier?

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There is a way to split items in The Cycle: Frontier. To do so, hold Shift and left-click on your mouse. This will let you split the items in your inventory and bring smaller amounts. Whether you are on the Station or on the planet’s surface, you can split items in your inventory.

The best items to split up are usable items, like grenades and healing items. This makes it easier to see how many you have and ration them out for your drops. If you are playing with friends, you can also divide items between your squad.

Should you split items?

We recommend splitting up your items and bringing a limited amount when going on a run. This lessens the chance of losing all of a particular item should you die on the surface. While scavenging, you should combine your items to save space in your inventory.

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