Era of Althea is the ultimate fantasy-quest RPG game on Roblox, where you must start your journey as a wizard with all randomized attributes. You are given a Race, Trait, Snap, random hair color, and eyes. With these random features, you must build up your abilities by completing quests and defeating the dark foes wandering the world. If you aren’t happy with your randomized start, you can always respin your attributes for a chance at something better. Here’s how.

How to respin attributes in Era of Althea

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To respin your various attributes, press M on your keyboard to open your menus. Then look for the icon with the dollar sign and arrows forming a circle. This button will open the Shop menu, where you will find the list of Respin options. Clicking on each one will reveal how many available spins you have and allow you to press the Spin Trait button to use them. Note, however, that once you respin an attribute, you won’t be able to get the pass one back again unless you spin it again. If you don’t have any spins, there are different ways to get them.

How to get more spin in Era of Althea

How to purchase spins

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If you don’t have any spins available, you can purchase some with Robux by pressing the Purchase Spins option as shown when pressing on the Respin you wish to apply. Clicking the Purchase Spins button will prompt you to buy ten spins for 250 Robux, and unfortunately, you can only buy them for this much and not in lesser amounts.

How to get free spins

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If you don’t have any Robux to spend, you can get a few free spins through various means, such as codes or the Daily Reward. The Daily Reward will pop up on the bottom left of your screen for you to spin each day. While it is not guaranteed you will get spins from this reward, you may still have a chance to get lucky. You can also use some codes to get rewarded spins by pressing M and then navigating to the Settings menu. The developers occasionally reveal codes on their social media accounts, or you can find them right here on GameTips.PRO, but remember, they come and go very quickly and will not always be valid when you wish to redeem them.

Here is how you can respin your attributes for Era of Althea, so you can have a better start for your journey or shake up your experience. Let us know in the comments below what you were able to get!

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