Speedrunning and Halo go hand in hand and this is no different for Halo Infinite. Its campaign consists of linear missions as well as open-world segments which is a first for the Halo series. One Youtuber, Bob’s Uncle Bob, has already found a way to speed up the first level of Halo Infinite.

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To speedrun the first level in Halo Infinite, you will need to melee a closed door in one of the rooms. This will allow you to clip through the door and skip a good amount of the level. Using this method will even activate sequences in the game that are normally triggered. You can see this in action below.

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This is huge for the speedrunning community as Youtuber Bob’s Uncle Bob states that “it seems any of these kinds of doors programmed to open, whether it be now or in a later part of the level, can be exploited.” If this is true, it means that multiple areas closed off by doors can be bypassed.

Whether or not this is the case is to be seen, but for now, this technique allows you to skip a good portion of the first mission. If you are interested in speedrunning, then this is a trick you need to master.

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