In the main menu of Pokémon Unite, players can press x on their Nintendo Switch and at the bottom of the menu, there’s a tab labeled Spectate. This feature allows players to sit in on the game’s Top Ranked Trainers, while they are live in action on the battlefield. Watch Ranked Matches, Standard, or Quick Battles and take notes on how others play the game!

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Spectating Battles

Screenshot of Pokemon Unite gameplay

Learn every Pokémon’s fighting style, while they are being played by Pokémon Unite’s top-ranked Trainers and get a better look at how to utilize each Pokémon on the battlefield. Players can pick up tips and tricks for their favorite Pokémon; the same tips and tricks that opposing Trainers have been using against them during battles! Players can also strategize against the giant Legendary Pokémon that spawn in the center of the battlefields, to get a better idea on how to defeat them.

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Screenshot of Pokemon Unite gameplay

The Spectate feature in Unite was made for players to take notes, as they learn from the best, as it allows players to fast-forward or pause the battles and they can stop spectating at anytime, by pressing ‘up’ on the D-Pad of their Switch to open the settings menu.

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