Eventually, players will face a puzzle they will need to solve on a large ruin on the first large island they visit in Breakwaters. To solve the ruin puzzle on the large island, you will first need to make a Refined Blue Crystal. 

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You can make a Refined Blue Crystal by gathering up the required materials. Start by locating an Empty Bottle, followed by the Blue Crystal.

That said, to find and get an Empty Bottle, you have a few options. The first is to purchase it from a ferry boat NPC with yellow shards. The other method is to take a shovel and dig in the ground until you eventually get one as dropped treasure. 

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Either method will work well enough, but we feel digging with a shovel is the fastest method. If you want to use the shovel method to find Empty Bottles, you will need to make the shovel using the resources listed below. 

  • 3 Tree Branches
  • 10 Seagrass
  • 1 Crab Shell

Once you have all of the materials listed above, take them to a builder’s bench, and you will be able to make a Refined Blue Crystal after you get the bottle.

When you have the Refined Blue Crystal made after getting the empty bottle and Blue Crystal, take it back to the ruins. At the ruins, you will need to throw it where you see the blue water drop shown below. 

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Doing so will allow you to complete the puzzle and place the titan artifact on the altar to the left of the image above. 

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