Enkanomiya is a lore bomb filled with mysteries surrounding the era of dragons, the time before gods, and Byakuyakoku, the world that was buried beneath Watatsumi Island to keep its secrets from spilling into Teyvat. But perhaps one of the region’s best-kept secrets is a hidden puzzle located in Evernight Temple: three stone Lamps that can be activated using Pyro.

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Head to the puzzle’s location by referencing the circled area in the map below. You need to jump down onto the platform below the cliff for the Lamps to become visible.

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You should see three stone Lamps in front of you. If you use Elemental Sight, they will have the same color as interactable objects. Solving the puzzle is pretty easy. It’s recommended that you bring a Pyro bow user, such as Yoimiya or Amber, so you don’t accidentally fall off the cliff.

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Simply attack the Lamps in any order using Pyro. The red line underneath their hood will turn yellow when the Pyro successfully hits. Once all three are done, a Common Chest will spawn beside them. This puzzle counts toward your Enkanomiya completion rate, so don’t skip it!

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