The Mimic Book II brings plenty of horror with stunning visuals and sound, but it also requires players to put their minds to the test, even under extreme pressure. The painting puzzle requires you to light specific candles underneath several pictures hung on the wall while simultaneously being hunted by a horrifying creature. Here’s how to successfully complete this puzzle to acquire the orb.

Visit each building

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After speaking with Keneo, you will want to start visiting each building around the village. A giant monster will be spawned when you finish your chat with Keneo, so try to stay under rooves and out of sight. Each building will have a crucial hint to complete the puzzle, so it’s vital that you visit each one.

Check the walls for paintings

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You should be able to find a painting in each building. They will be random each time you play through the game, but they will be identifiable by their intricate gold frames. In some buildings, there will be statues that point you directly to them. You’re going to want to memorize each painting that you see. There will be five different paintings in total. Once you’ve seen five paintings, you’re ready to head over to the candle building, but you’ll need a key.

Grab the key

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The key is located in one of the buildings with the paintings. This building has a large awning cover in its entrance, as pictured above. It also is recognizable by its stone statues within. To the right of the statues will be a cabinet. You will be able to open the cabinet door and find the key inside. This key will grant you access to the building where the painting puzzle takes place and where you can collect the orb for Keneo.

Head to the puzzle building

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The puzzle building appears as pictured above if you pass the center square of the village where a wooden bridge is located. Be careful traveling to this building as the monster guarding the area will still be around and on the prowl. If you’ve memorized all five paintings and have the key, you’re ready to head inside and complete the puzzle.

Light the candles under the correct paintings

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Once you get into the building, you’ll want to immediately look for the corresponding paintings that match the five you’ve noted from the previous buildings. Once you find the right painting, light the candle underneath it. There are more than five paintings around the building on three various floors, so this task becomes more difficult if you don’t have the correct ones memorized. If you light one of the wrong candles, they will be extinguished, and you must retry. Be cautious of the monster stalking around as you do this task.

Collect the orb

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If you’ve lit all the correct candles, the orb will appear in the hand of the statue on the bottom floor. Snatch up the orb and escape the building without being caught by the guarding monster, and you’re well on your way to the next task.

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