If you are wondering how to solve House Benveineto’s music box puzzle, you will find the answers waiting for you below. 

How to solve the Music Box Puzzle in the House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village

In short, if you want to solve the music box puzzle in House Benveineto, you will need to move the gear of the music box to line up scratches in order to get it to play. 

You can do this by using the keys indicated at the bottom of your screen, but first, you will need to insert an item called a Winding key.

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You should already have this key, but you can get it from a creepy doll in the middle of the doll workshop if you don’t have it already. When you find the doll, you can get the key from its leg by examining it.

That being said, insert the key into the music box, and you will be able to start moving the gears around to line up the scratches. This part is pretty easy, but if you have trouble lining them up, they should look like the image down below.

Once you arrange the scratches in the order shown by the image above, the music box will open up and reward you with a pair of tweezers, which you will need to retrieve another item in the game. 

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